Mommy Makeover: Reducing Tummy Tuck Complications

Mommy makeover and  tummy tuck in Beverly Hills by Dr. Kevin Brenner.

Are tummy tuck complications affected by the level of fascia layer dissection?


Mommy makeover with tummy tuck in Beverly Hills by a board certified plastic surgeon. Tummy tucks procedures come in all shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure, no one tummy tuck operation works for all patients who present requesting abdominal contouring.  Some women require a full abdominoplasty, which consists of a bikini incision, full tightening of the abdominal wall muscles and relocation of the belly button. Some women require a modified mini abdominoplasty which utilizes a shorter incision, leaves the belly button untouched, and still tightens the full length of the abdominal wall muscle. And some women need something in between the two.

The one common theme that is consistent across all abdominoplasty patients is that it should be done safely, and with the lowest amount of complications as possible. A new journal article investigates if there is a benefit for patients when their plastic surgeon preserves the Scarpa Fascia during this abdominal procedure (Costa-Ferreira, et al. Scarpa Fascia Preservation during Abdominoplasty: Randomized Clinical Study of Efficacy and Safety, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vol 131, No 3, Mar 2013, p645.). In this study, the investigators note that preservation of the Scarpa Fascia (the deep layer of connective tissue that exists in the abdominal wall) led to a few beneficial outcomes:

1) Reduced drain output.

2) Earlier removal of suction drains.

3) Elimination of long period suction drain use.

4) Reduction in seroma rates.

Further, the investigators noted no difference in aesthetic results of this procedure when compared to traditional abdominoplasty techniques. Although this is not the first time that plastic surgeons have looked at this type of technique, they do note that this approach may be more beneficial for certain high-risk patient populations such as: men, obese patients, and patients who have lost massive amounts of weight. The reason that underlies these reduced complications probably relates to this techniques preservation of more of the lymphatic vessels and networks that naturally exist in the abdominal tissues at this location.

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