Mommy Makeover after Divorce aka Revenge Plastic Surgery

Mommy makeover, tummy tuck Plastic Surgery after Divorce

Plastic Surgery after Divorce

What is Revenge Plastic Surgery (Mommy Makeover)?

Quite simply, Revenge Plastic Surgery is surgery that people undergo in order to exact revenge on an estranged spouse. Although I do not condone such reasons for undergoing Mommy Makeover surgery, it is an increasingly popular trend across the country.

Most of the patients that I see for Mommy Makeover surgery are young moms who miss having the sexy figure that they had prior to having children. The majority of these patients have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, every other non-surgical means of “abdominal  rejuvenation,” and failed. This commonly includes topical treatments such as creams, and laser treatments for stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs. Frequently, young moms are quite fit physically and exercise frequently. However, even the best private trainers may not be able to help women lose extra, sagging skin. Further, severe cases of Diastasis Rectus (separation of the abdominal muscles) may actually get worse with excessive abdominal core training. These types of patients require surgical abdominal rejuvenation.

When I consult with female patients for Mommy Makeover surgery, my primary focus is to design an operation that specifically addresses the patient’s concerns. Part of my discussion with patients also revolves around their desires and motives for moving forward with the operation. For women who are new moms, they frequently bring their spouses to our surgical consultation.  However, with new statistics placing the national divorce rate upwards of 50%, there is a growing number of new divorcees who are presenting for surgery. This has given rise to new terminology: Revenge Surgery. There is growing sentiment in Los Angeles, that recently divorced new moms are increasingly having plastic surgery procedures as a means of revenge against their estranged spouses.  However, in my Mommy Makeover practice, patients’ motivations usually revolve around a desire to restore self confidence. Restoration of self confidence is an excellent reason to seek out many types of plastic surgery procedures, including tummy tucks (Abdominoplasty), breast augmentation and breast lifting. Mommy makeover in Beverly Hills will completely rejuvenate the way you look.

New Belly Button Made During L.A. Mommy Makeover

Los Angeles Belly Button Scar

Before Mommy Makeover: Patient w/ Acquired Loss of Belly Button from previous surgery; Note Piercing of Scar

Los Angles Loss of Native Belly Button

With loose skin lifted, note old scar from previous surgery. (belly button has been removed surgically)

LA Belly Button; Created with Skin Graft

After New Belly Button Created with Skin Graft; Note old scar piercing (prior to excision)

This patient presented to Dr. Brenner for a Mommy Makeover with very specific complaints about her abdomen. Although she was very thin and had excellent abdominal wall/muscle tone, she had noticed an increased laxity to her lower abdominal skin when sitting and moving around. In particular, she noted excess hanging skin over her belly button. The interesting part, however, is that this patient did not have a belly button. She had her belly button removed when she was a baby following repair of a very large umbilical hernia (ventral abdominal defect/omphalocele) and was left with nothing but a thin linear scar. After she had children, she developed increased laxity of the skin which created a somewhat natural appearing fold. To help make it look more natural (i.e. more like a belly button), the patient decided to have the extra skin pierced. If you note in the picture, the piercing was just to the right of midline.

Because of this patient’s very unique complaints, Dr. Brenner designed a very customized operation for her. In addition to silicone implant breast augmentation and “donut mastopexy,” she underwent a modified abdominoplasty (without muscle tightening). This included only excision of redundant skin and fat. The skin that was excised was fashioned into the shape of a belly button. The third photo (on the botton) shows the patient one month after Mommy Makeover surgery with her brand new belly button.